Floor Daddy Flooring Company in Arizona
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About Us

Arizona’s Preferred Wholesale Flooring Company

We are a flooring and installation company serving Phoenix and the surrounding areas. We specialize in carpet, tile, laminate, hardwood, and vinyl plank flooring.

Our professionally trained design consultants and licensed installers ensure the best results. We prioritize affordability, convenience, and customer satisfaction.

FloorDaddy Flooring and Installation Services

Hey there! We’re the FloorDaddy team and we’re labeling ourselves Arizona’s top flooring company because, well, we aim to be the best!

We offer new flooring and installation at prices everyone loves. And guess what? We’re so eager to get you walking on your new flooring, we can have it installed the very next day.

Yep, we’re that good! Family owned and operated we’ve got flooring in our DNA. We know floors inside out. You can trust the FloorDaddy team for all your flooring needs.

Phoenix Flooring Company

Our Mission

Our mission is to prioritize customer needs above profits, guiding us in creating happy homes with happy families.

We believe in offering top-quality flooring solutions with a personal touch, ensuring every family finds comfort and joy in their living spaces, making customer satisfaction our true north star.

Our Services

Our services are tailored for a seamless customer experience. From large selections of top-quality flooring options to expert installation, we focus on convenience and excellence.

We streamline every step, ensuring easy product selection, skilled installation, and unparalleled quality, all designed to make your flooring journey effortless and satisfying.

Phoenix Flooring Company
Phoenix Flooring Company

Our Culture

Our culture is rooted in kindness and inclusivity. We foster an environment where everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute.

Our team is built on mutual respect and collaboration, ensuring that each member is supported and heard.

This ethos extends to our clients, creating positive, respectful interactions in every aspect of our business.

We believe every step matters - in flooring and in life. Let's create spaces where dreams can unfold and memories can be cherished.

-The Floor Daddy Team!

Client Testimonials

The team was incredibly kind. They valued my input, making the process enjoyable. Absolutely in love with my new floors!
Phoenix Flooring Company
Mrs. Harrinton
The company's culture of respect and attentiveness was amazing. Their team made us feel heard, and our new floors look great!
Phoenix Flooring Company
Ms. Alvarez
My wife and I were impressed by the attention to detail. They truly listened to our concerns and did what they promised.
Phoenix Flooring Company
Mr. Cortez