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1. Introduction: Floor Daddy, LLC provides many different promotions to serve all our potential clients’ needs, budgets, living conditions and lifestyles. Our hope is to provide every customer with an opportunity to have the flooring of their choice, combined with the best pricing and value available. Due to our competitive nature and rapidly changing industry promotions, Floor Daddy, LLC may cancel an advertised offer at any time. Promotions may not be combined with other sale items or offers unless specified. Only one promotion per household unless specified. Commercial jobs are excluded. Offers valid at time of initial consultation only. Offers are for in-stock items only and all prior orders are excluded. Discounts to retail prices, prior sales excluded, and other restrictions may apply.

2. % Off Promotions: Offer good only at the time of initial consultations. Offer not available in all service areas. Promotions not to be combined with any other discounts or special offers. The stated % off applies to select styles and only the base material. Does not include labor, moldings, underlayment, and other sundries needed to complete the installation. Must have a qualifying purchase of 2 rooms or more. Rules subject to change.

3. Free Furniture Moving: Offer good only at time of initial consultations. Limited to reasonable standard furniture per room and size. Excessive furniture and large items will be charged an additional fee.

4. Free Limited Lifetime Installation Warranty: Offer good only at the time of initial consultations. See warranty details for limitations.  

5. Referral Program: Every time you refer someone to Floor Daddy, LLC, you will receive $300 once their new floors are installed and paid in full. On the 5th referral, you will receive an additional $2,500 for a total of $4,000!  The customer is responsible for tracking the quantity of referrals provided and submitting claims for referral fees.

6. Guaranteed Lowest Price Promotion: Offer good only at time of initial consultations. Floor Daddy, LLC will beat any competitor’s written estimate for comparable flooring products to be installed at your owner-occupied home. Written estimates must be verifiable by Floor Daddy, LLC, must be dated no more than 30 days prior to date customer signs contract with Floor Daddy, LLC, and must be presented to Floor Daddy, LLC at least 72 hours before the installation date. Competitors written estimate must be for in-stock flooring and for the same or equal product to Floor Daddy, LLC floors (in terms of weight, texture, yarn content for carpet and identical padding or identical merchandise for hardwood, luxury vinyl, or laminate floors), and must include all installation, delivery, and other charges. Competitor estimates must include a lifetime installation warranty. The written estimate must be the result of an in-home visit which included physical measurements and inspection of all sub floors. Written estimates must specifically list all areas of the home to be covered including room dimensions and must include all charges for floor or subfloor preparation and/or upgrades. Floor Daddy, LLC reserves the right to reject any written estimate which it does not believe is bona fide in its sole discretion.

7. Limited Lifetime Installation Warranty: Regarding repairs for installation related issues, all service requests placed over 2 years from the original installation date will be subject to a $50 processing fee. If a consumer fails to supply this payment, they effectively waive all rights and claims in relation to any labor warranty listed on their original contract. If repairs are possible, Floor Daddy, LLC reserves the right to repair any issues as opposed to replacing any flooring. In the unlikely event that you need to have your carpet re-stretched after two years it would not be the result of improper installation but part of the normal maintenance and would require a charge. Warranties do not carry any cash value. Should any consumer deny Floor Daddy, LLC access to their job site to warranty the flooring installed, they will waive all rights and claims in relation to any warranties listed on their contract with Floor Daddy, LLC. The consumer is responsible for reporting any issues with their flooring to Floor Daddy, LLC within 72 hours of them developing. Failure to do so may negate any responsibility and/or liability Floor Daddy, LLC has to any flooring installed. 

8. Material Warranties: All material and product warranties are the responsibility of the manufacturers. Stain resistant warranties, soil resistant warranties, texture retention warranties, scratch resistant warranties, tear resistant warranties, fade resistant warranties, water warranties all vary depending upon the product and manufacturer and are also not to be confused with quality assurance or wear warranties. To keep all carpet warranties in effect the consumer must have the carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year and have receipts to validate such. Per the manufacturers warranties regarding product defect(s) are predicated on a prorated basis and all products will be equally credited by the total amount of the contract price, divided by the length of the product warranty, to determine a yearly rate, which will be multiplied by the number of years the customer used the product to determine the usage value for offset purposes. Further, all product defects or replacements (of any type) after a 2-year period, the consumer will be solely responsible to pay for all labor costs. Floor Daddy, LLC reserves the right to extend any warranties at their discretion. Any extensions to the warranty must be in writing on the original contract (sales draft) to be valid. In the case that Floor Daddy, LLC extends any manufacturer’s warranty, the Manufacturer will be solely responsible for their original warranty. Floor Daddy, LLC shall only be responsible for any warranty extensions after, and only after, the original manufacturer warranty has expired.

9. Warranties Continued: Floor Daddy, LLC is not responsible for problems arising from underlayment not installed by us, nor are we responsible for movement and/or settling of any concrete slabs and/or modular homes. All warranties for all flooring are predicated on proper care & maintenance and are void if damages occur in relation to improper maintenance, customer abuse, acts of God, or any circumstances beyond the control of Floor Daddy, LLC. All warranties exclude damages in relation to discoloration from asphalt driveways, indentations from high heeled shoes, scratches, and/or damages caused by chairs, tables, appliances, pets, and/or other objects. The use of chair mats designed for floating floors is required to protect plank locking mechanisms from damage caused by rolling chairs and wheelchairs. Wood & laminate flooring should not be cleaned with water and/or subjected to excessive moisture and/or humidity, as it may damage your flooring. Flooring must be subjected to reasonable and consistent temperatures, year-round. Failure to keep home climatized between 60-80 degrees effectively voids all labor and material warranties and will likely cause damage to your flooring.

10. Warranty Transfer Conditions: Warranties are not transferable unless expressly stated on the original Purchase Agreement. If Floor Daddy, LLC allows a warranty to transfer from the original homeowner, it is only the material warranties that will transfer. The lifetime installation warranty is not transferable under any circumstances and is only available to individual(s) named on the original sales draft. Not properly maintaining the flooring IN ACCORDANCE WITH MANUFACTURER SPECIFICATIONS will void all manufacturer as well as Floor Daddy, LLC warranties.

11. Financing Disclosures: Deferred interest for 12 months available to well qualified buyers on approved credit only. Deferred interest and payment plans are only available in select markets. Financing is provided by federally insured, federal and state chartered financial institutions without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, or familial status. Any finance terms advertised are estimates only, and all financing is provided by third-party lenders unaffiliated with Floor Daddy, LLC, under terms and conditions arranged directly between the customer and such lender, all subject to credit requirements. Offer not valid on previous purchases and cannot be combined with other offers. Residential projects only. Credit purchases subject to credit approval.

12. Expansion Joint Disclosures: Making any modifications affecting the ability of the laminate, vinyl, or wood floors to float appropriately after installation will negate all warranties. This inhibits the floor’s ability to expand or contract and therefore is not an installation or manufacturer’s defect. Examples include but are not limited to installing cabinets or appliances on top of the floor, installation of new walls, and changes with door location or size.

13. Subfloor Disclosures: Sometimes during the installation of various flooring products, the subfloor of a project requires work to be completed to prepare for a quality installation. At the time of sale, it is impossible to see the condition of the subfloor and such work required to prepare the subfloor for a quality installation will be completed at an additional charge. Depending on the work required, including grinding of existing concrete subfloors and/or the application of subfloor leveling material, can cause dust or other material to be released into the surrounding air. Exposure to this dust, or other materials, for long periods of time can possibly be dangerous. It is recommended to avoid the inhalation of this dust, or other materials and engage a professional cleaning service provider to thoroughly clean the impacted space once the work is completed. Floor Daddy, LLC will in no way be held liable or responsible for any costs or claims associated with this dust, or other materials, used during the installation and subfloor preparation work including for health-related issues, health related treatment, materials abatement, or removal.

14. Water Damage Disclosure: Laminate or Wood floors should not be cleaned with water as it may permanently damage your flooring and thus, we cannot be responsible. Excessive humidity and/or moisture can also damage floors.

15. Seasonal Changes Disclosures: Seasonal gapping should be expected in all wood flooring and does not constitute a product failure. It is normal that wood floors will be affected by fluctuating levels of humidity within your home. Care should be taken to control humidity levels to within the 30-50% range and maintain temperatures of 60-80°F. To protect your investment and to assure that your floors provide lasting satisfaction, note the recommendations below:

15.a (Dry) Heating Season – A humidifier may be needed to prevent excessive shrinkage in wood floors due to low humidity levels. Wood stoves, radiant floor heat and electric heat will create dryer conditions.

15.b (Humid, Wet) Non – Heating Season – Proper humidity levels can be maintained by use of an air conditioner or dehumidifier. Avoid excessive exposure to water during periods of inclement weather. Do not obstruct expansion joints around the perimeter of your floor.

16. Wood Flooring Disclaimer: Customers understand that wood flooring is a natural product, and the home must be environmentally maintained. Consequently, the installation warranty and manufacturer warranty is void if the customer does not follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintaining humidity levels and temperatures in their home.

17. Asbestos Disclosure: If, at or before the time of installation, it is suspected or determined that asbestos is present, Buyer will be required to test for the presence of asbestos, and Floor Daddy, LLC will STOP installation until the Buyer has the asbestos removed by a licensed abatement company. The abatement company must follow all applicable federal and state asbestos regulations and must provide a clean air or clearance sampling certificate to resume installation. Floor Daddy, LLC will in no way be held liable or responsible for any costs or claims associated with asbestos treatment, abatement, or removal.

18. Collections Disclosure: In the event it becomes necessary for collection procedures, or to enforce any provisions of the contract, the customer agrees to pay actual and reasonable collection costs, collection agency fees, interest (at 1.5% per month), court costs, and/or reasonable attorney fees.


20. Labor Professionals: Floor Daddy, LLC exclusively uses only professional, and where required, licensed independent contractors.  

21. Adhesion Warranty: In the unlikely event the adhesion system should peel, delaminate, or bubble and proved to be related to a performance issue with the application, Floor Daddy, LLC will either replace material, or offer a full refund of the purchase price. This determination will be solely at the discretion of Floor Daddy, LLC.

22. Replacement Warranties: The Warranty is limited to replacement-in-kind of materials determined to be defective only. Floor Daddy, LLC shall not be held responsible for collateral, or related costs and damages resulting from failure.

23. Warranty Void: The warranty is void if Floor Daddy, LLC solely at its discretion determines the consumer has failed their responsibility for the monitoring and prompt cleaning chemical spills including and not limited to brake fluid, battery acid, motor oil, radiator fluid, power steering fluid, solvents, acid cleaners, per Floor Daddy, LLC’s floor care instructions. This warranty is void for latent changes to the concrete substrate including moisture rising from the substrate, efflorescence, spalling, cracks due to movement of substrate, deterioration or destructions resulting from puddling, flooding, floor impacts or items dragged over the floor. The warranty is void by Acts of God, changes in moisture content or if the purchaser attempts to correct or alter the material or application. The warranty can be transferred one-time, with the completion of the transfer of warranty, which must be completed within 90 days of an ownership transfer.

24. Install Day: Please plan to be home on the day of your installation or remodel, as we cannot schedule a specific arrival time. 

25. Merchandise Deliverability: Delivery of merchandise is contingent upon unforeseen circumstances, weather conditions, pandemics, strikes, lockouts, fire, accidents, and inability to obtain material, acts of government, acts of God, and other causes beyond our control. I understand that Floor Daddy, LLC is not responsible for damages for loss of profits or a reduction in the value of my property arising from a delay in Floor Daddy, LLC performing under this Agreement or a breach of this Agreement by Floor Daddy, LLC – Our labor and material are guaranteed; however, we cannot be responsible for problems arising from underlayment not installed by us or for the condition of the floor underneath the existing floor covering. If additional repairs are needed, they will be charged accordingly. Baseboards with vinyl plank flooring may have gaps between the bottom of the base and the floor. This is not a defect, but a natural characteristic of the base on uneven concrete or thicker flooring that was there prior. This is normal and due to floors not being 100% flat all the way around the edges.

26. Merchandise Quality: All flooring is first quality; however, snagging, shading, shedding, fluffing, or pile crushing are not manufacturing defects but inherent characteristics of all carpets. LVP, LVT, Luxury Vinyl Plank, laminate, wood, tile, and stone are natural products, and thus their patterns. No one piece of natural stone or wood is the exact same, thus the style, knots, cracks, colors, and shades vary from piece to piece, and this uniqueness is what gives them their style and character. Thus, all trim, transitions, and moldings will not match the floors but solely meant to coordinate with the style and color of the floor, due to the natural characteristics of real wood or stone. This is not a labor or manufacturer defect but an inherent characteristic of these products and thus we cannot be responsible. Names of trims, moldings, and transitions may not match the main product name, as they are privately labeled and cross-over from product to product. All woods and laminates will expand and contract with humidity and temperature changes sometimes creating gaps between planks. This is not a labor or manufacturer defect but an inherent characteristic of these products and thus we cannot be responsible. Flooring must be exposed to reasonable (normal 62-80 degrees Fahrenheit indoor temperatures and proper humidity year-round (no extreme temps) or non-warrantied damage may result.

27. Fix-It-Free Guarantee: Floor Daddy, LLC offers a limited Fix-It-Free Guarantee, where we will fix, clean, or replace boards one time during the customer’s first year of flooring, after purchase, and after paid in full unless damage is due to flooding or water. While some products may be listed as water-resistant or waterproof, we cannot be held liable for damage to any water exposure. All other warranties are the responsibility of the manufacturer. Floor Daddy, LLC makes no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, and makes no warranty of merchantability, or of fitness for any purpose. No employee, agent, or representative of Floor Daddy, LLC has the authority to bind Floor Daddy, LLC to any oral representation or warranty, or to waive, modify or vary any term, covenant, or condition of this contract. After the first year, there will be a $50 processing fee for each service call including warranty repairs or adjustments. I understand that I should read Floor Daddy, LLC written warranty for complete details of my warranty coverage and that the warranty is available for my complete review before I sign this agreement. I understand that the warranty will not be effective or enforced while a balance due remains outstanding on this agreement. 

28. Resultant Damages: Floor Daddy, LLC assumes no liability for any resultant damage to premises, or materials located on the premises. Walls, moldings, and trim may be scratched or damaged due to the size of the material and installation procedure, including but not limited to; unintentional damage to landscaping, gas lines, electrical wiring, plumbing, telephone installations, or my personal property. 

29. Stipulated Damages: If the customer cancels, rescinds, or otherwise terminates this contract after the expiration of the applicable cancellation period provided for in this contract and Floor Daddy, LLC incurs a cost in preparation and damages and/or restocking fees, the parties agree that the following formula is a reasonable estimate of the actual damages that Floor Daddy, LLC will suffer. If the customer cancels this contract, then the customer agrees to pay liquidated damages of 35% of the contracted total price. If a refund is to be issued, this will be done no earlier than 15 business days after the cancellation notice is received by Floor Daddy, LLC due to check clearance time, proper processing, and accounting procedures. 

30. Pre Install Requirements: When the installation is scheduled, you must move all fragile and breakable items such as antiques, aquariums, pianos, grandfather clocks, pool tables, computers, picture frames, candles, electronic components, valued items, etc., as we cannot be liable for damage or loss to these items or any furniture. Installers are not responsible for any damage to TV cables, telephone wires, alarm wires, water pipes, gas lines, or damage to water lines for toilets, appliances, sinks, etc. We do not disconnect gas or water lines attached to appliances or are we liable for them.

31. Material Seam Installation: Seams, direction, and installation of all materials will be left to the discretion of Floor Daddy, LLC and its installers. Seams are not invisible. If the customer insists on directing us of installation, Floor Daddy, LLC will not warranty said material or item, and the customer will be solely responsible for the direct outcome that may come from it. Including, but not limited to, additional cost for additional material, product failure, or completed look. The customer will be responsible for any labor and additional cost to change, replace, move, or repair this problem. After installation, you should thoroughly vacuum the carpet (do this in two directions). This will help to bring the pile height to its fullness. However, due to pressure wrapping and shipping, the pile may be crushed and flattened and may require a few days to reach its full height and thickness. This is normal. Vacuum carpet and the crushing will disappear over time.

32. Collections: In the event it becomes necessary for collection procedures, or to enforce any provisions of the contract, the customer agrees to pay actual and reasonable collection costs, interest (at 2.5% per month) court costs, and reasonable attorney fees.

33. Job Completion Timelines: Customer acknowledges that all installation and job completion dates that are written or given orally, are estimates only and Floor Daddy, LLC failure to meet such estimated installation or completion dates is not a valid basis for cancellation of this contract or for monetary deductions of any kind from the agreed contract price. Customers cannot withhold funds due to delays. Floor Daddy, LLC cannot guarantee work to be completed in an estimated timeline.

34. Contract  / Agreement Aprovals: No contracts are valid unless approved by an officer of Floor Daddy, LLC and may be rejected by management at any time prior to installation. This contract may be subject to credit approval. All wear, product, and installation warranties are subject to rules and conditions stated on the website ( See the website for all additional terms and conditions that are part of this contract.

35. Contract Disputes: The customer hereby waives his or her rights to all notices under existing Arizona mechanics lien laws, regulations, and statutes. Customers cannot sue Floor Daddy, LLC in small claims court or other courts, as all suits must go to arbitration. ALL products, materials, flooring, and supplies, remain the sole property of Floor Daddy, LLC until the contract is paid in full.

36. Moldings: All moldings and materials brought to the customer’s home or job site are sent to complete the full job. No job is sent with a specific amount of materials and moldings. Each job is sent to have enough for the full job and allow for extra, in case of the job being short, we do not have to order more materials. The customer did not pay for the extra moldings or materials, simply there for safety and their own benefit. Aside from possibly 1.5 boxes or less, left as natural waste from the job and future repairs, all excess moldings, and materials are the sole property of Floor Daddy, LLC and belong solely to Floor Daddy, LLC. Excess moldings and materials DO NOT BELONG to the customer as they were not charged for them, therefore there are no monetary deductions allowed for it. Failure to allow returning of said materials to Floor Daddy, LLC can result in additional charges for materials to the customer and will be their sole responsibility.

37. Enforceable Agreement: This agreement is governed by the laws of the state applicable to where the services are provided. Should any portion of this agreement be deemed invalid or unenforceable, the remaining portions shall remain in effect. This document, along with any attachments, constitutes the full agreement between Floor Daddy, LLC and its clients, superseding all prior agreements, whether oral or written. Any modifications to this agreement must be documented in writing and signed by both parties. It is understood that this contract is subject to the laws of the applicable state, and no verbal modifications or cancellations will be acknowledged.

38. Right to File a Complaint: This instrument is based upon a home solicitation sale, which is subject to the provisions of Arizona title 44, Chapter 15. This instrument is not negotiable. You have the right to file a written complaint with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors for an alleged violation of A.R.S. 32-1154, subsection A. Complaints must be made within the applicable time period as set forth in A.R.S. 32-1155, subsection A. You can contact the Arizona Registrar of Contractors at 877-692-9762 or visit


40. How To Obtain Warranty Service: To submit a claim contact Floor Daddy, LLC at (602) 313-3000 to request warranty servicing. Claims must be submitted to Floor Daddy, LLC promptly after discovery of the claimed defect and within the applicable warranty period. Floor Daddy, LLC will then schedule an appointment to inspect the premises and the warranty claim within a reasonable period of time, after receiving the claim. If after inspection, Floor Daddy, LLC determines that a valid claim exists under one or more of the warranties, an authorized contractor, will repair, re-install, re-perform, or refund the purchase price of the failing Floor Daddy, LLC service, at Floor Daddy, LLC’s option. If Floor Daddy, LLC determines to replace any or all product(s), and if such product(s) as originally installed are no longer available, Floor Daddy, LLC shall have the right to substitute product(s) designated by Floor Daddy, LLC to be of equal quality. Replacement of a product or component does not renew the warranty period or otherwise affect any applicable manufacturer’s warranty. Minor color variations may exist between replacement product and the originally installed product and are not indicative of a defective product. If, at Floor Daddy, LLC’s option, a purchase price refund is conveyed to the Owner, then all warranties are terminated, and repair, replacement or removal of products installed, repaired or otherwise resulting from Floor Daddy, LLC’s services shall become the sole responsibility of the Owner. No warranties are valid unless and until the Owner has made full payment under the original Floor Daddy, LLC sales agreement and all addenda thereto. Non-warranty calls for repair or adjustment may result in a service charge. 

41. What Is Not Covered: These warranties are granted by Floor Daddy, LLC to the Owner only and only services purchased from and performed by Floor Daddy, LLC are covered by these warranties. These warranties are not transferable and will terminate immediately upon the transfer of home ownership. All warranties assume normal and reasonable use of installed products or components. Minor color or textural variations from the lot-to-lot of products are not product or installation defects. These warranties do not cover any other damage, workmanship, or material failure including, but not limited to, damage caused by occurrences beyond the control of Floor Daddy, LLC, such as settlement of the building, failure of the structure (including foundations and walls), use of incompatible accessories, removal, repair, or re-installation of any installed products or components by other than Floor Daddy, LLC authorized contractors, normal weathering, corrosive effects of salt air and chemical pollutants, normal fading, deterioration or caulking compounds, fire, flood, lightning, high winds, windblown objects, earthquakes, hurricanes, ice dams, icicles and/or ice storms, atmospheric conditions or weather of catastrophic nature as defined by the US Weather Bureau, other acts of God, intentional acts, unreasonable use, vandalism or pollution. These warranties also will not apply to damages resulting from the failure to provide reasonable maintenance, including failure to clean the product, maintain sealing, painting and/or caulking as reasonably necessary, or clear off gutters or roofs as and when necessary. These warranties do not apply to damages due to or arising from the identification, detection, abatement, encapsulation or removal of mold, asbestos, lead based products or other hazardous substances inside or outside of the structure being improved. These warranties do not cover any carpet or flooring materials installed over floors or structures that lack structural integrity, have visual imperfection or do not otherwise meet manufacturer guidelines for installation.

42. What Voids These Warranties: Installation, removal, painting, repair, adjustment, tampering or re-installation of any products or components supplied by Floor Daddy, LLC by anyone other than an Floor Daddy, LLC authorized contractor voids any and all warranties within this document, and Floor Daddy, LLC expressly disclaims any liability for any costs, defects, or damages with respect to such actions.

43. Remedies and Rights: These workmanship warranties are the only expressed warranties for workmanship provided by Floor Daddy, LLC. No employee, representative, agent, nor any other person, has authority to assume or incur on behalf of Floor Daddy, LLC any obligation, liability, or responsibility in place of or in addition to these warranties.